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C&C Landscaping provides complete landscape design and construction services for both residential and commercial property owners.

Hardscapes are an important part of landscaping. Essentially, these are the manmade elements, such as walkways, retaining walls and stairs. They add definition, variety and texture to the landscape. Hardscaping renders a well-defined structure to the landscape. However, including hardscapes in your front and back yards is a tricky job since these elements need to blend in with the overall design and enhance its visual appeal, instead of dominating the landscape.

At C&C Landscaping, we are experts in working with hardscapes. From walkways to stairs and from firepits to patio design, we do it all.


Make different parts of your garden or patio accessible by integrating walkways in the landscape. These add definition and help demarcate different parts of your garden as well. We create custom walkways using materials as diverse as concrete and stone among others.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are functional elements of design as they hold back dirt and water from flowing down. Besides, they add texture and variety to the place as well. At C&C Landscaping, we build sturdy retaining walls that withstand different types of pressures of the backfill.

Patio Design & Installation

Extend your living space by adding a patio to your house. We design and build custom patios that look like a natural extension of your home. We design multi-level patios as well. Enjoy the outdoors, spending time with family or entertaining your friends in your new and gorgeous patio.


C&C Landscaping specializes in the construction of exterior stairs of different shapes and styles. Enhance the functionality of your multi-level landscape with ornamental stairs. We use high quality building materials to add strength and durability to the stairs in the front or back yard.

Fire Pits

Spending time outdoors during the ever changing New England seasons? An outdoor fire pit is just what you need! At C&C Landscaping, we design fire pits for your yard or garden to keep you warm and comfortable. The ornamental design of these fire pits enhances the overall appeal of your garden as well.

Bobcat Service

Looking for a bobcat for excavations? C&C Landscaping offers well maintained and safe bobcats. Choose our bobcat service for safe and efficient work.

Contact C&C Landscaping today for professional and affordable hardscaping services. Call (978) 360-1188 or (978) 360-1133 or click here to complete our online form.

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Landscape Design
Landscape Design
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