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Mulching and Edging Services

At C&C Landscaping, we provide mulching and edging services for a healthy and visually appealing garden. We offer our landscaping services in Beverly, Danvers, Lynnfield, Manchester by the Sea, Marblehead, Middleton, North Reading, Peabody, Salem, Wakefield and Wenham.

Mulching and Edging Landscape Company

Mulch is the organic material that is applied on the soil of your garden or landscape. Mulching is done for several purposes. Two of the most important benefits of mulching are moisture retention and enhanced fertility of the soil. Mulching also reduces weed growth. As a result, your plants are healthier and your garden stays beautiful.

When done right, mulching protects the plants and the soil during harsh weather conditions, keeping them protected during cold winters and hot summers.

At C&C Landscaping, we use organic mulch free of weeds and anything else that may hamper soil health.


Edging makes your garden look neat and well defined. This is a process wherein a hard material is installed between flower beds or different areas of the garden in order to demarcate the areas and give them a definite shape. Edging also prevents mud in garden beds from sliding over to the lawn area. Each area enclosed by edges adds definition and beauty to your garden.

As an experienced landscaping company, our team at C&C Landscaping edges gardens using a wide range of materials to enhance the overall appeal of the space. Using bricks, stone, machine cut edges or prefabricated plastic edges, we design the edging that best suits your garden and your requirements.

Why Choose C&C Landscaping

At C&C Landscaping, we provide high quality mulching and edging services. The highlights of our service include:

  • Wide range of edging and mulching services
  • Long lasting mulches and edges
  • Prompt and friendly service
  • No obligation quote

As a long standing mulching services company in Peabody MA, we have earned a reputation of reliability and expertise. Contact C&C Landscaping today for professional mulching and edging services. Call 978-360-1188 or 978-360-1113 or click here to complete our online form.

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Mulching & Edging
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