Lawn Overseeding

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Lawn Overseeding

Tired of patchy grass in your lawn? Perhaps it’s time for lawn overseeding, an effective method for renewed grass growth and a uniform green carpet. Overseeding can make a huge difference to your lawn, turning it from dry and patchy to vibrant and healthy.

At C&C Landscaping, we specialize in overseeding. Overseeding involves sowing lawn grass seeds directly into an existing turf. Our lawn overseeding and lawn maintenance services are available in and around the North Shore, MA area including Beverly, Danvers, Lynnfield, Manchester by the Sea, Marblehead, Middleton, North Reading, Peabody, Salem, Wakefield and Wenham.

Why is overseeding necessary?

Over time, lawn grass grows old and thin. As grass grows older, its capacity to reproduce reduces. The thickness of the turf reduces consequently. The turf begins to look unhealthy and weak. Subsequently, weeds and other unwanted plants begin to grow in the bald patches, further weakening the lawn grass.

Overseeding is a simple and cost effective way of tackling the issue. This treatment rejuvenates and recuperates the lawn. We recommend overseeding treatments at least once a year. This treatment is better than sodding or roto tilling.

Lawn Overseeding Services

At C&C Landscaping, we overseed the turf using high quality pest resistant grass in order to ensure its health, survival and durability. As landscaping experts, we understand the New England climate very well and use proper overseeding methods for best results.

We customize the overseed mix based on the soil, usage pattern, light, shade and climatic conditions. You can consult with our landscaping experts to decide the best type of grass for your lawn. When we overseed, we make sure that the grass that grows in the bald patches matches the rest of the turf. This way, your lawn looks uniform and healthy.

Our Expertise

  • Customized overseeding
  • Lawn aeration to reduce soil compaction 
  • High quality seeds 
  • Power seeding, wherever required 
  • Efficient and professional customer service

As one of the most reputed landscaping companies in the North Shore, MA area, our lawn overseeding services will create a healthy full lawn that you will be proud of.

Contact C&C Landscaping for efficient, effective and affordable overseeding services. Call 978-360-1188 or 978-360-1113 or click here to complete our online form.

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Lawn Overseeding
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