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Retaining Walls – Retaining Wall Hardscapes

Retaining walls are highly functional features of a landscape. They add definition to the area and keep the dirt and water restricted behind the walls. With a retaining wall holding back the dirt, you can be assured that the landscaping features in the upper levels of your garden won’t erode or flow down into the lawn or other parts of the garden.

At C&C Landscaping, we construct strong and functional retaining walls that add visual appeal to front and backyard landscapes. We work with landscaping rocks, stone and brick retaining wall materials and we build walls for residential and commercial clients in the North Shore Massachusetts area.

Our Retaining Wall Process

We begin by meeting you to discuss your retaining wall needs and your landscape vision. We inspect the landscape area to fully understand the property dynamics. Based on our initial meet, we come up with a suitable design and submit for your approval. Once you approve the design and budget, we begin to build the retaining wall.

Our Retaining Wall Services

We build retaining walls using different construction materials such as concrete bricks, stone, bricks and interlocking concrete blocks. We also use glass and other materials when the wall is built more as an ornamental element than for a backfill-retaining structure. We specialize in building different types of retaining walls including:

  • Dry stack stone walls
  • Field stone walls 
  • Segmental block stone walls

From retaining walls that flaunt hand-hewn look to attractive cobbled walls and sleek smooth walls, we do it all. Every retaining wall we build is built to last. We ensure that it is strong and capable of withstanding the pressure applied by the backfill.

We also specialize in creating multi-functional retaining walls. With creative designs, we build walls that double up as stairs, curves, columns and other walls that add ornamental appeal to the space. These hardscapes sustain the visual appeal of your garden at all times, including during non-flowering seasons.

Our Expertise

Building a retaining wall requires a lot of planning and meticulous designing. The pressure applied on the wall by the backfill is a very important consideration in design. If the wall is not designed to withstand the pressure and weight of the backfill, it may collapse causing damage to your garden.

When we build a retaining wall in your garden, we assure you of:

  • Strong and durable retaining walls
  • Retaining walls that add ornamental appeal to the garden
  • Flawless craftsmanship
  • Cleaning up the space after construction 
  • Completion of project on time and on budget
  • Friendly and efficient customer service

Contact C&C Landscaping for retaining wall construction services. Call 978-360-1188 or 978-360-1113 or click here to complete our online form.

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