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Lawn Dethatching Services

C&C Landscaping provides lawn dethatching services for homeowners and property owners in the North Shore Massachusetts area.

Dethatching is one of the basic functions of lawn care. Dethatching is all about controlling thatch in your lawn. If you watch your lawn closely, you can notice a layer of dead grass and roots between the soil and the green blades of grass. This layer is called thatch. While a little bit of thatch can effectively protect the lawn and help retain moisture, too much of it can hamper the health of your lawn. At C&C Landscaping, we offer expert lawn dethatching services that are safe and healthy for the lawn.

Benefits of Dethatching

  • Better air and nutrient supply to the soil
  • Healthier and more resistant grass
  • More effective fertilization
  • Effective draining
  • Encourages root growth

Lawn Dethatching Experts at C&C Landscaping

  • Effective and safe dethatching services
  • Cost effective dethatching services
  • Free quote prior to dethatching
  • Professional and timely service
  • Guaranteed work

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Lawn Dethatching
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