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​Hydroseeding Lynn MA

If you search for hydroseeding Lynn MA, you will find C&C Landscaping, a local lawn care company servicing Lynn MA and the surrounding towns. Since 2002, the experts at C&C Landscaping have been providing professional hydroseeding services to commercial and residential property owners with precision and care. 

Your Hydroseeding Professionals in Lynn MA

Hydroseeding, also called hydraulic mulch seeding, is one of the most effective methods of installing a lawn. A select blend of lawn grass seeds is mixed with mulch and sprayed into the soil.

At C&C Landscaping, we hydroseed lawns in Lynn MA using the best quality lawn seed blend and we use only certified turf mix to do it. Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions, the seeds germinate in five to ten days from the time of seeding.

Benefits of Hydroseeding in Lynn MA

Hydroseeding is one of the most preferred methods of seeding lawns in Lynn MA because it is fast and affordable. The prime benefit is that hydroseeding enables better contact between seed and soil. As a result, the percentage of seeds in the mixture that germinate is much higher than in other seeding methods. The lawn cover is uniform and the grass is healthier. Some of the other benefits of this process include:

  • Quicker germination of seeds
  • Moisture is retained much better
  • Suitable for all types of terrains including hillsides
  • Cost effective, especially when large lawns need to be installed
  • One step installation process
  • Uniform application, leading to uniform lawn growth
  • Lower water requirement for lawn growth

When compared to dry seeding, hydroseeding has better moisture retention and healthier growth of grass. As an expert hydroseeding landscaper servicing Lynn MA, we make sure that the mulch used in hydroseeding is completely free of straw, hay or weed. We enrich the mulch with fertilizers and nutrients for best results.

Hire the Hydroseeding Experts at C&C Landscaping

Hydroseeding is a very effective process. However, it needs to be done with precision. Our landscaping experts consider several factors such as the terrain, type of soil, sun, shade, usage pattern of the lawn and the presence of pets/kids before selecting and preparing the blend.

Our team at C&C Landscaping has the experience and the skill required to hydroseeding your lawn. If you are looking for true professionals for your hydroseeding in Lynn MA, please contact us at 978-360-1188 or 978-360-1113. You can also click here to contact us via our online form.

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